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Sunday, 26 August 2007

He created us or we created Him

This soul, this mind and the harmony between these is a necessity of survival apart from oxygen, food and water. The mind is a creator and the soul is the result of this creation. What else have we created? Almost everything that we need for ourselves, material or spiritual, our mind works for us under our command. There are a lot of fictions that illustrate the creation of humans or the first life by “God”. Is that true? Science explains everything starting from the traces of carbon and hydrogen in this universe. Then where is God playing or he is just the referee! Have we ever wondered who had coined this word and why this word? Why isn’t it named after you or after me and why not any animal or any plant? Human mind is parallel to none. It’s selfish always to think for its master. So when he saw everyone around him of equal abilities, he had no one to fear. But then if everyone is same then who will extend his hand to pull him up from the well of dilemma? It had to be someone to whom he could submit to, someone he could fear from, ask him for help when in turmoil, to gift him his wishes, whose verdict was agreed by all and no one could question.

The result was the manipulation of his believes to an entity that was named “God”.

Humanity succeeded again. This form of belief that united individual souls to form a society, a belief that is more powerful than itself, a belief expressed in various forms, induced in us a fear that was needed for the survival of this species. And everything was preached and composed with certain rules that defined the existence of our community. The rules were so extensive and were made so powerful by us that they controlled almost everything that we do everyday. This was necessary to regard someone as the supreme power. Humans started giving names, chanting hymns, writing holy books and the belief was so strong that they started feeling good. The power of the human mind compelled us to be the slaves of our own belief, so powerful is this small piece inside our skull. The strength is therefore the thought, the wish, the belief and not the entity “God” but it’s very hard to accept this because of the lines drawn by the society and the words passed on to generations. And now this has become a need; survival without this has become difficult and why not? It gives you what you want if your belief is strong enough and “God” is just a medium that helps you believe in yourself. As long as we are happy we won’t call for a change. The supreme power, the source to smiles, the slave charmer is nothing but we ourselves but why would we think so; after all we have got someone to blame when we find none.