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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Last Night of 2016 (Istanbul, Turkey)

A long year it has been, of more miseries and less laughters
But today it will be contained in the books of history
And tomorrow there will be a new light on the east
As I try to forget my grief and forgive the ones who brought
At the center of the world, union of the giant lands
An ancient city conquered by many, a gateway to the west.
The disco lights pierced the darkness with smiles and dance
But then the screams silenced the deafening drum-rolls
As the bullets roared in the score of falling shells.
Run and hide; "But where?" Into the chaos, far from the still

One man with choked conscience, one man with beheaded sanity
One man with manipulated wisdom, one man with religious ignorance
Only one man, only one muslim, only one murderer
Who defaces his friends, his family, his faith
And sails on the ship of sorrow to endless seas
Allured by the rum of pride while he gulps the poison of guilt
Choosing such futile death is not a trade of the brave
Yesterday's pain won't be lessened by the wars of today
Sacrificing innocents won't bring peace, not even in afterlife
So let the sand shine like gold, let it not be bloodied again