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Sunday, 18 September 2011


There is a silent scream inside me
Asking me to return to the smiles
The haunting past talks to me
And makes the present a disguise
They are at war snatching my peace
Which one is better, I know not
But for sure the past beckons
A gust of memories pass by
Its too much to do for not much
I am happy but I am not content
For logic doesn't go by emotions
I wish I was a rock and felt nothing
I wish I was drugged til I died
I wish I knew and owed nobody
I want to break free, breathe fresh
And end all that I think is unjust.
How long shall I carry the load?
And how long shall I be silent
'Coz the scream is louder everyday.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Fix Me

When you try your worst, but you succeed
When you don't get what you want, but what you need
When you aren't tired, but you can sleep
Not stuck at all

And the smiles are always seen on your face
When you get something you can always replace
When you hate someone but it never goes to waste
Could it be better?

Lights won't guide you home
Neither ignite your bones
And you shall try to fix me.

The reverse of "Fix You" by Coldplay

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Stoned by Stones

Silently she walked, leading the crowd
In her black shroud she was weeping
She knew the rules and she knew the death 
But the embarrassing pain she knew of not.

Tot-tot, tot-tot as the stones murmured
With every sound, bringing her to reality
Never had she seen multiple murderers
They are silent but their eyes ready to kill.

Tarat tarat tarat tarat, the stones screamed
Approaching the silence one last time
The women sympathized, shared the tears
The men just acting in the name of God.

Innocence, as every part of her soul pleads
Meets prejudice and hatred but no love
And as the men gather, final talks are done
Children practiced their aim, ignorant.

One last time she would be embraced
No human but the matter itself
As she lay half buried, head held high
No more sorrow, only anger she shows.

Men older and men younger, both blind
Her own father and her own sons, all deaf
Her comrades few, her daughters, all dumb
And she above all wished to feel nothing.

Slowly and steadily the stones struck
She could hold no more, she screamed
She wished the end but alas! she was alive
And she surrendered to the cold death.

inspired by "The Stoning of Soraya M."