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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Pretty Sin

Shall not my credence in love fade
Shall not my confidant, you depart
Shall not I rue of this pretty sin
Shall not there be a moment you grief
Shall not then I be callous and stoned
Shall not there be a fruit you can’t taste
Shall not there be a fiction without you
Shall not there be a fact more than your heart
Shall not there be a poem you can’t adore
Shall not there be a trumpet you can’t play
Shall not there be a war where you make truce
Shall not there be a time you don’t succeed
Shall not there be a moment you remorse
Shall not then be a second you can’t smile
Shall not my credence in love die
Shall not you leave me, my comrade
And shall not I be a sinner anymore.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Nostalgic Abbreviations

While recollecting some campus memories, I somehow got reminded of the abbreviations we used to be very fond of and still found myself using those as and where appropriate. They are commonly known as the ABCD of BITS (quite lame). I compiled quite a few of them here. Enjoy!

SAC – Simple and Comfortable (usage – SAC out, SAC da, SAC ra, SACed, SACcing)– This is one thing the campus teaches you for sure – “how to SAC out?”. You can sleep, booze, smoke, surf etc whenever you want. (Also, Student’s Activity Centre – If you are single you gotta be here to kill time)

GHOT– Generating Heat on the Table (Studying) (usage - GHOTing, GHOTboard, GHOTed) – During peak winters, we used our tables as room heaters. :P. The computer did a good job in keeping us warm.

BOGS – Bathroom of Graduating Students – Bathroom, loo, toilet, shit-pot etc had become too cliché. BOGS proved to be a pretty good discovery against this banality.  

GUSS – Give Up Something Stupid (GUSSing, GUSSed, GUSS mar) – As we were surrounded by a lot of stupidity, this abbreviation received a lot of attention and is almost ready to be a part of the Oxford English Dictionary.

ANC – All Night Canteen – Its no more all night (restricted till 3AM) but still the soul of the night-outs at campus.

SHIV-G – It’s the official couple’s retreat and the rest, everybody knows.

SKY – (referring to Skylab) – The open air fast food and smoking lounge of the campus. A site of casual chats between professors and students and also very popular among the various cliques around the campus.

C'NOT – (Like the connaught place, Delhi) – Actually not at all like it. Just a lane with few shops on both sides – They were either  restos or multi-purpose stores and used their monopoly to the maximum. Its called so coz u "c'not" (cannot) get anything there. I lived in a much better time, where we used to get somethings at least..sigh!

Insti – Institute .. simply referring to the classrooms, lecture theatres and the labs.

FD – Faculty Division – A random division of the insti into a few FD blocks clubbing a set of disciplines.

Tut – Tutorials :P – They were so damn regular and mostly on the first and second hours. Sometimes you had to wake up for an hour, come back and sleep again.

IC – Institute Canteen – Right at the heart of the Insti building – The favourite breakfast spot after a first or second hour tut for those who wanted to attend the next class. Some studious brains are spotted GHOTing here - those who were bored of the library.

CD - No we dont burn them. Its Cold Drink :|

SAMchat - Simple - Samosa Chat!

COMPRE - Comprehensive Exam - The final exams of every semester! Either its too hot or too cold - and that's your last respite from the fairly screwed up semester - A lot of things CAN change!

Just another day!

Mornings are either early or hosting beautiful midnight dreams. The daily chores are done in no time and then follows a mundane routine of wearing the office attire and accoutering yourself with a few accessories and the latest gadgets ready to fight the bright and bold day ahead. Ah! Nights are so better! As I step out of my modest dwelling, I can see at least hundred clones of mine striding their ways to tiny skyscrapers wrapped up in blue. Even I don’t want to waste my time in this transition and clock-in asap, offering my service to the daemonic swine who would for next 9 hours churn, boil and roil me and finally take a dump by EOD. Shit happens and sometimes it’s for good.

Since I am supposed to adhere to the compliance of my pretty “happening” workplace, I would not get into too much of details. MS outlook, personal mails, other internet crap, coffee machines etc suddenly seem humanoid and exchange silent conversations with me. Romantic, ain’t it? By now I have become so callous to the “great work” I do that frustration just finds a way into facebook, twitter, mail-threads and forums and RsIP. Bingo! Lunch time and I am ready to relish on some lip smacking oriental and occidental cuisines. I was almost done with lunch when my manager woke me up. Sad! I know I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one. Coming back to life, I realize that there had been a group ping on MS communicator where some of my workfellows debated and decided the lunch time and the right hand corner of my explorer bar smirking at me and it was pretty reassuring that I am late. I could prove again that there is a positive side to everything by reminding my hungry soul of the cloying taste of the mid-day meal and there is something much better waiting for us at twilight. Phew! That was tough indeed. My sincerity, which I had murdered and buried long back in college, reincarnates and advices me to work for a while. I agreed with a deal that it won’t again disturb me. May be it revolted for not feeding him today! Music is on and also chats with a bunch of a few intelligent minds at work . Woah! Time to hog on some stale fatty acids and pile up the work. EOD it is. All I have to do now is to send a few mails, spreading some queries around the world, which were strictly self created to conceal my virtual absence from work, create next day’s work and mostly for fun.

The ones who strode in the morning are now sprinting away and I see thousands now. The cacophony of the honking vehicles went straight up to my cerebrum, fucked my head, instantly reproducing a headache. My bonhomie nature allows me to catch up with a few random people on the street and talk about the latest trends like green planet, renewable energy and climate change. This is just to pass on the stupid headache. I will go home now and then decide for dinner. Mostly I fail to decide and manage to get a tranquil sleep without it. There is no one at home to welcome me, make me a cup of coffee and ask me how my day was. May be I need someone or may be I am just dreaming of someone or may be I am very happy and my brain is in stupid-thoughts mode. Now the things that happen mid and late night are really confidential. What? No. I am not gay neither am I a terrorist. Actually I am exhausted. Let me RIP. Tomorrow there would be something new. May be I would just try out a new hairstyle.

Monday, 8 March 2010

At Last

A poem composed long back in an amalgamated emotion of sorrow and joy ..

At last the clock has turned, at last the warmth is fading
Among the woods of my neighbourhood, I stand to shed my leaves
Like moments drowned in wine, smoking away the past.

Me, my friend and a heart I love all will quench my thirst
Not to let me grow bold and brave but to water my nostalgia
But I am lost, in the search for warmth, in the search for smile.

Too many desires I have fulfilled, too many lives I have lived
Today this hour I wish for one hour more of my favorite emotions
One hour more of the time we smiled, of the time we grieved.

My soul, my fellows, the men I owe I here to admire me one last time
On my road to freedom, of the heat, the rain and the cold, I would dream
That one night, by the roadside, I am relishing with them the words I lost.

And the day next I will wait for the spring like an angel wearing green
Infant twigs will sooth my heart, remind me the autumn cold and blue
But the road ahead is too long to sit and talk, too short for a silent walk.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Political Instability of a Demeneted psyche!

Your memories have found a new place today. Till now they were crowding my brain, now and then bringing me sheer delight and eternal bliss. Today, they are en-route to a place more precious and protected than anything else, a place where they had a history and have a present too. Its just about time that  not just some but all of those memoirs take refuge in that secured place because they are like the gems I would never wish to lose. The belligerent mind has some miles to travel, perform its duties bringing  enough stability to embrace them well. Also, these memoirs give rise to beautiful emotions which have been regularly cultivated and domesticated in this new county. So, they don’t have to worry. They would find friends and there would be no foes. There is no sorrow but a gamble. What if they like their new home so much that even by force they cannot be vacated? They are no more the citizens of the mind that it can use its power. They are in refuge and they are not in my control. The only treaty that can be signed here is between me and you and they would be staying happily ever after, wherever they want. Till then, I would give them shelter and feed them and let them grow at their best. But before they are old enough to die, I want to hold your hand and bid adieu to the gamble. And before their condition deteriorates to malignance, I would wish to kiss you and let them out through my tears. They would stay with you thereafter, and surely nothing else can make them happier. And here it is, got the final secret code for their transfer. The heart awaits them with arms wide open.

P.S. I love you!