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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Lonely Palm Tree

Alone on the top, it stands bold, yet to be bald
Confronting the winds which could only be heard
formidable to her whipping and thrashing
There he stays forlorn, serenading to the waters
And though his voice is silenced by the roaring waves
he does smile and he does cry, in times wet and dry
He watches the people afar, the smoke and the smiles
He promises an experience, wishes a hug in return
But seldom does he get the peace of a new-found love
Someday he would be weakened like the flying fowls
when he would bend the last angle to kiss the ground
And then from miles away would be seen just a memoir
And stories of isolation, valor and vulnerability
The lonely palm tree, standing bold and to be bald.


Last few days remaining in India and this is what I would call a "bucket list" - revisiting the past or doing the undone.

A weekend outside Pune
Aaah it was so awesome, especially after last time's horrible experience. It was beautiful. The crowd was just perfect - not too much or too less. Saw the other beaches as well, trekked for quite a distance. Overdosed ourselves on almost everything - Chicken, Fish, Beer, Bathing, Trek and of course the obvious ones. :). Though the decision to go there was adulterated with some dilemma but in the end I would miss Gokarna for sure
 One of the rare days when you can actually feel "peace" sinking in.

Movie at E-Square -
Have seen most of the movies during the later half of my stay in this theatre. Though I do not like the seats, food or the service so much, the company and the 2 to 3 hrs spent there each time, watching movies good and bad makes it one of the "most-done" things outdoors
Movies can be good or bad, most of the times we don't know about it. Let us remember all those times with the people, events and the time that we spend in those couple of hours.

Visit Leopold 
Leopold Cafe, Colaba, Mumbai - I have been here 3 or 4 times and every time I have loved the hospitality and the crowd.This time I went straight up during the peak lunch hour and no one was there. I was depressed but then I thought that may be I would remember it more 'coz of today and yes, it was superb! I made friends with the waiters there, talking in their language, sharing our love for Mumbai and hatred for all other places, Teachers and Bud down the throat with Gin Chicken (yes its prepared in Gin) and Bombay Grilled Sandwich
You are never lonely, there is another loner somewhere, reach out to him, its easy 'coz he is trying to do the same.

Walk along the Marine Drive, Bombay
Marine Drive! It promises you a splendid time even if you are alone. A walk along the long stretch with a few pit stops facing the sea, watching the waves come and go and rather an unpleasant sight of crabs over the rocks - in the end its a feeling of peace that gets absorbed, pacifying all the noises inside you and streamlining your thoughts - all this without marijuana
A lonesome walk can act as a drug sometimes - all you need to do is 'feel' the high.

Kareem's chicken tikka roll
No one can have just one! Gets even better when you have a tummy. :) This place has quite a few memories - inception of some awesome things in life, forgetting your frustration, getting your dopamine levels high, feeling the awesomeness of street food et alia. They serve the best chicken rolls in the city. If you are in Pune and non-veg connoisseur, you won't regret stopping by Kareem's, East Street, Camp
Thank God man discovered fire!

Yet to do:
Have bread pakoda outside Bund Garden
Shop at Brand Factory, Camp
Hog at Radhika and Oh Calcutta!
Garden Court
FC road Barista - Cafe Americano and smoke
Loni Paratha near the Z bridge.
KFC - over and over again :) :)
Pasta at Peppinos
Movie at Inox with the awesome samosas
Download songs, revamp my music collection
Thousand Oaks on a thursday night
Aloo-paratha at E-square food court.
Not Just Jazz By the Bay on a wednesday/sunday night and probably sing.
Diamond Beer Bar on MG Road - draught beer and the delicious french toast.
Sarangi on East Street.
Suruchi Bar at Hadapsar - cheap booze and egg biryani.
Have ragda at the actual Kalyan Bhel near Law college road
Kiva near E Square.
One trek somewhere around the awesome ghats near Pune.

To Be Contd.