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Thursday, 24 March 2016

In the end

Never ending vast lands in the north
As the snow melted and the earth shone green
Deers roaming wild, dying on the shoulders
Rest is miles away, services even farther
A watch on time & a watch on milestones
Destination destined to be that darling door.
Cowly the crow feeds on Rowly the raccoon
As the cattle devour the fresh meadows
The mind wonders if this is solitude
The heart lonesome seeks solidarity
In search of the matchmaker I travel west
Chasing the sun, as the day never ends
And then the wind whistled across the valley
Determined to destroy the delicate & the durable
The mind spoke at last, the heart listened.
I started running, more every minute
Hoping for hope to find my darling door
I left the highway for a thinner track
I stopped, the wind whined & I smiled.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I could see the dark and high monsters
With their cloudy friends they roared
Going back in time, I could see none
Just neverlands of yellow, green & red
Now the sun has lost his path
Not into the horizon, but up there
I Felt strange as I started climbing
The wind was cold, darkness blooming
Dumbfounded, never had I felt the same
Was it fear? I asked myself & again
Was it fear of loneliness?
For I may disappear like the sun
For nobody can hear my scream
Or was it fear of failure?
For I owe the people I love
For I still have miles to walk
I could slip down the cliff into the canyons
Or slide sideways to hit the silent stones
Or a tree so tall may tear my torso
I wish it was the fear of death
For the fear of unknown is worse. 

Thursday, 25 February 2016


Plenty is what brain demands Plenty is what the heart wishes Plenty is what the self conspires Plenty is what the world constructs We age, we break, we wither away But still walk, hoping to sprint Not knowing where it ends Not knowing where we belong For a million may mean zero And everything may be elusive It whispers hope when you sleep Wake up and you are killed Like a line in the golden sand Washed away by the tiniest tide Demands are never enough Wishes are always waitlisted You conspire without constructing And the world just laughs it away.