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Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I could see the dark and high monsters
With their cloudy friends they roared
Going back in time, I could see none
Just neverlands of yellow, green & red
Now the sun has lost his path
Not into the horizon, but up there
I Felt strange as I started climbing
The wind was cold, darkness blooming
Dumbfounded, never had I felt the same
Was it fear? I asked myself & again
Was it fear of loneliness?
For I may disappear like the sun
For nobody can hear my scream
Or was it fear of failure?
For I owe the people I love
For I still have miles to walk
I could slip down the cliff into the canyons
Or slide sideways to hit the silent stones
Or a tree so tall may tear my torso
I wish it was the fear of death
For the fear of unknown is worse. 

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