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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

She, is dead

There is a revolution in my head
There are incessant deaths, blood all over
Every moment she dies in my heart
Not a suicide but a murder
By the foes of frolic and traitors of time
And when my eyes not often try to talk
And when I serenade to the petrified dark
I am silenced by her echoing soliloquy.

Friday, 23 April 2010


A young soul with an old mind
Staying up the night of cold boredom
A prolific poet or a philanderer
You would demand and I shall gift
And then would you sing me lullabies
And then would ask me when and why?
And then would you call me across the street
And promise to make love to  my dreams?
In the sublime love of yours
Would rot my melancholy serenade
And then if you hear a voice at midnight
Would you wake up and embrace me
For I would be bleeding and would need you
For I would be tired of the unanswered calls
For I would desire for you just to say goodbye
Forgive me sweetheart, I made my choice
And I want to be a gangster and live till I die!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Contemplation II

I want to fly a jet-plane
High up in the sky
untouched by the people beneath.
This earth which lifts me up
sends me close to the stars
would call me back someday
And I have to land.
I am too scared to hit the clouds
and be lost,
for it would be a sin.
I love my craft
And the trail it leaves behind.
The beauty of it I shall want to see again
So today I would land  it
to fly with it tomorrow again.

Contemplation I

I know the time would come someday
I would strode as you sprint away
plaintive tears like steady dew drops;
And a cold dawn would petrify me.

I would remind myself the sins of past
which never were incorrigible
or may be i thought them to be
or may be there were no sins

Melancholy would soon dissolve
convoluted words would sympathise me
here I resign to walk-in tomorrow
and the vicious circle continues.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Don't know what!

Like i cannot sleep when its too hot
I cannot sleep when its too cold
bring on the beauty and would adore
bring on the ugliness and would loathe

The days of pain i have lived
the days of glory are yet to come
kicking my dreams is what I do
loving my soul is what i dont

People alive or people dead
the truth is what that ever stays
the graveyard gloom is like a hug
the smile tomorrow is like a kiss

A monster is death and life a bitch
hope stays and expectations least
thin lines of words tough to know
eclipsed is you and the moment now.

Behead a stranger, look in his eyes
and then look above at the summer sky
and then you wish life and no lament
murderer you are of not just one.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dream on!

So  much I hate to wake up and kill you
And be the murderer of my own serenity.
Though everyday brings me to reality 
And every night dooms it to glory
This overrated life seems so incomplete
Without that stupendous time with you.
You knock when the day ends 
And pioneer the elegant times 
The green fields and the windmills
The blue stream and the april lilies
Ah! it is no dream and its real!
Or am I just dreaming against dream?
When I wake up to embrace the dawn
I know my heart would condole me
I know you're still just a dream 
And though melancholy lingers
There is no harm not to touch you
And there is no harm just to see you.

Monday, 5 April 2010

A few words

People say life moves on and its true. Even if we try to run away from life, we cannot. Every damn thing around us keeps us pushing. Sometimes we want to end everything and again we fail. What is life? Life is something which just moves on, not bothering if you want to live or not.. It is we who have to decide that. There is no point being sad. We can't escape from it. Better keep up the battle to conquer happiness and make it yours. There are good times and bad. Its true that we feel the negative energy more than the positive one. There is no specific talent required to make use of this negative energy around us and give ourselves an impetus to rise up and start walking again! The past would always restrain you from moving ahead, its a part of your life and the present always owes to the past. You have a choice here, to live with the present defined by your past or create a new one which would define your future. 

There are a few golden rules: 
1. Think positive
2. Do not worry too much
3. This too shall pass (my best friend keeps saying this)

Life moves on anyways, you can't stop it. The ones who commit suicide are very courageous souls, everyone is not so brave. Accept it. Life is no fun without challenges. A simple life might just be very boring and you would miss out on a lot of things that would have made it even better. Take risks! Learn by yourself! Stick to your principles! Preach peace! Love! Smile!

This is a pretty banal stuff I wrote above. Everyone knows it, speaks about it. I am just another addition!

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Days like clouds fly
Everything just passes by
Only if a desert they cross
They should weep
But they would not
For they respect its identity
Could be there evil thunders
Who make the desert green
Might it not be a sin
The choice lies within
To kiss the devil or to hug the rest!


There is a tranquil dragon inside me
And the pain is receding pretty well
The bygone days bring pleasant memoirs
And tomorrow promises a year ahead
Sedated, I stroll serenely along the woods
My hopes are sated and born are desires
Over the meadows as I walk a winter morning
I crush the fresh dew and the dirt clings on me
I immolated myself and left me forlorn
Your malevolent expectations are dead
And along with you buried inside the tomb
But still I grieve beside your grave
Every dawn when I genuflect, I see
The horizon till the eternity screaming
And dry tears paving a path for the smiles.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


On the other side of the morning
Searching for a truth nobody told me
Melancholic memories, emotions estranged
Anxiety, worry, anger, boredom and love
Healing my day, mundane and monotonous
The thorns don’t prick me anymore
Neither do the roses smile at me
I hate to wake up the sun, and the moon too
Celestial pleasure is not what I seek
Neither a jet plane nor a bicycle
Just a bit of rocket science may be
God exists, but only in reincarnated mind and hearts
How the conflagration camouflages the carnage
In this hour’s tiny life blends tomorrow’s uncertainty
And astrology is just an astronomical philosophy.