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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dream on!

So  much I hate to wake up and kill you
And be the murderer of my own serenity.
Though everyday brings me to reality 
And every night dooms it to glory
This overrated life seems so incomplete
Without that stupendous time with you.
You knock when the day ends 
And pioneer the elegant times 
The green fields and the windmills
The blue stream and the april lilies
Ah! it is no dream and its real!
Or am I just dreaming against dream?
When I wake up to embrace the dawn
I know my heart would condole me
I know you're still just a dream 
And though melancholy lingers
There is no harm not to touch you
And there is no harm just to see you.

1 comment:

Anagha said...

Lovely !!!

"Though everyday brings me to reality
And every night dooms it to glory"

Nice lines:)

DREAM ON!!! You never know when it willcome true... :)