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Monday, 5 April 2010

A few words

People say life moves on and its true. Even if we try to run away from life, we cannot. Every damn thing around us keeps us pushing. Sometimes we want to end everything and again we fail. What is life? Life is something which just moves on, not bothering if you want to live or not.. It is we who have to decide that. There is no point being sad. We can't escape from it. Better keep up the battle to conquer happiness and make it yours. There are good times and bad. Its true that we feel the negative energy more than the positive one. There is no specific talent required to make use of this negative energy around us and give ourselves an impetus to rise up and start walking again! The past would always restrain you from moving ahead, its a part of your life and the present always owes to the past. You have a choice here, to live with the present defined by your past or create a new one which would define your future. 

There are a few golden rules: 
1. Think positive
2. Do not worry too much
3. This too shall pass (my best friend keeps saying this)

Life moves on anyways, you can't stop it. The ones who commit suicide are very courageous souls, everyone is not so brave. Accept it. Life is no fun without challenges. A simple life might just be very boring and you would miss out on a lot of things that would have made it even better. Take risks! Learn by yourself! Stick to your principles! Preach peace! Love! Smile!

This is a pretty banal stuff I wrote above. Everyone knows it, speaks about it. I am just another addition!


Nithin said...

"This too shall pass" - I liked the most of this write up.. One more point is react less maintain the equanimity in ur mind!

lakshmi dinesh said...

I don't think people who suicide are courageous. They are just scared to face life!

Anagha said...

"This too shall pass".. The line which can just pacify everything and fill you with hope... Good times or Bad times... this too shall pass... :)

Also I agreewith Laxmi that ppl who commit sucide are the biggest cowards ever... It takes no courage...