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Friday, 25 March 2011

I am a Rat!

Filth is where I find my peace, my serenity
For its the only truth I see miles around
When the sun shines bright, I see them working
Multiple melancholies, lonesome lies and fake faces
On the other side of these dark walls, they sleep
Perspiring in peace, anxiety or sorrow
And I trod over the leftovers, doing my bit
When everything around is a trashed daytime memory.
And when I am full and when I am tired
I revisit the day, when there was heat and light
A nostalgic warmth fights the unending cold.
I was never in love and I know not what it is
But I seldom feel it amongst the ecstasy
I adore a girl in the morning and she smiles back too
But by dusk she is the nastiest one I have ever seen
I pity the baby who is too young to understand it
And that he would always miss the infant ignorance
He is a social worker, cleaning the streets everyday
But his own abode needs hundreds of his fake self
Its important to protect our own territories, our brethren
But not alone and I second not the hatred within it
I am a rat and I am despicable, but not them
They can love and be in peace, but why don't they?

Friday, 11 March 2011

CTRL + X and CTRL + V!

However absurd or wannabe the title may sound, there is a philosophy underlying it and something which I fail to do. This I guess is the very basis of decluttering and not following it makes me wrapped up in all sorts of nonsense. This realization comes from a recent observation of duplicate data in various drives of my computer. I have this bad habit of "CTRL C" and then "CTRL V" and I end up being disorganized even more - more data, repeated data, more chaos, more confusion. And another bad habit of mine is to explore even the stupidest thing on earth and try to know the how and why of it. This to-be-ignored stuff made me introspect and soon enough I found that it is not just inside my computer. Sigh! not again!

But yes, I realized how disorganized I am.. reminds me of the line "One of these days I gotta get myself organizized" from the classic Taxi Driver. And when I think more of it and do a quick root cause analysis on this abstract topic, I find it affecting a good deal of my life at all severity levels. A small noise that tends to disturb the normal flow of life finds no way to escape and is choked amongst the disorganized surrounding and another wavelet is too confused to select one of the hundred frequencies around to align in phase. I am spending most of my time thinking what to do but the end result is zero or not per my satisfaction.. When life tests you beyond your regular capabilities, you get all this on your face! The tough times are thereby helpful. I was doing this "copy - paste" always and never realized the need of "cut-paste" until I was running short of space on my hard disk. Sadly, as the modern adage says, there is no "CTRL Z" in reality.Also, I need to learn another command - DEL.

PoA: I need a PoA! :|

Friday, 4 March 2011


This stage of my life is called Desperation. Yes it sounds strange and funny but it is scary too. But the course of events recently has led to a multiple organ failure kind of situation and everything being in a vicious circle. Why multiple? The next few paragraphs would make some sense I hope.

1. Desperation of an admit
I have applied for my graduate education at 8 US universities and spent a lot of money on those. The result till now has not been very fruitful. I have 4 rejects in hand and 4 more to go out of which 1 is a really long shot and my conscience automatically eliminates it after the initial setbacks. So I am left with 3. This is one of my dreams, I always wanted to do since my undergraduate - it saw many ups and downs, influenced some decisions of mine and in turn got influenced by me too. In this particular application process I have been through delirium, phobias, anxiety, anticipation already and I am en route to acceptance. But the long route to the destination and the involved uncertainties has left with me desperation. Sometimes I tell it to myself that "I can live with or without you" but what about all those mammoth efforts! Overall desperation rating: 3/5

2. Desperation of a good work at my current job
I have never been satisfied with the work I do and that is a generic problem with many of us. It has reached limits and it has been 3 years now. Many people that I started with have left for the better or worse or many be just for a change. And now, I have decided to work for it, prove myself and put my point in a more aggressive manner. And this attempt has become desperate. I think when we become desperate, we become vulnerable too, which can have both positive and negative outcomes. Left with no choice, last 2 weeks I have worked my ass off and still continuing it. Recently the efforts have dropped down because I was given a breather from my usual boring stuff and I could start my own project. Now that is quite a bit of achievement, so right now the Overall desperation rating is: 1/5. It deserves a smile.

3. Desperation of a good recognition at work in form of Salary/Promotion
Its been a long time I have been in the same position but fulfilling responsibilities and showing competencies for higher positions. And they are recognized from time to time in form of "Pat on the backs", appreciation in "one-on-one meetings", Performance review etc. But, when it comes to promoting me or giving me a higher salary all that is forgotten. I have seen less competent people in my team move up and grow with higher salary. I wasn't bothered then, after all what I cared was just me and never try to compare telling myself that my time would also come someday. But that someday never seemed to arrive and I ended up being desperate. I have got opportunities but I could not sacrifice my personal goals for so-called business goals of the company and as obvious, I am reminded of this every time by  my managers whenever I asked a remedy for my desperation, which in turn increased it. Overall desperation rating: 4/5

4. Desperation for saving money
This one is a bit tricky. I never had the save money attitude. I couldn't save. I used it all for my own happiness but, bought things I liked, did stuff I liked, had awesome time with friends & family - all out of that money. And I relied on the fact that my salary would coming in and it can only increase. But suddenly this feeling is sinking in me that in case, I get an admit I would not be able to fund my visa and travel. So now, when I am still recuperating with my past expenses I want to save and its a desperate attempt again as I have to live the next month in a meagre amount. Now this point is also related to point number 3 and I need not explain why. Overall desperation rating: 4/5

5. Desperation for doing something which I want, follow my dream
Again, a tricky one. I know in long term what I want and I think I am already late in pursuing it. I need to build up short-term plans to achieve those (I am not disclosing them here :P). So time keeps knocking and makes me feel that its time that I start doing something. And this realization came late, so again I have been acting desperate. Though this is not justified and I should a ct calm in this case, I guess the above 4 points are fuelling it. Anyway, Overall desperation rating: 2/5

I am entangled in the above 5 points like I am stuck in quick sand and with them are associated many intangible desperation. The primary one being, desperation to find happiness, have been waiting for a long time for it too. Here, with happiness I mean something which would really make me happy and that is elimination of any of the five points from the list above.

Amongst all these, I do have a few points to look forward to and I am living everyday with them. They are small things that make me happy. Also, there is one thing which I have in plenty - Love. Being in love, having that support, someone to understand you and finding your strength in it is just beautiful. And when I compare it on the other side of the balance with all those 5 points together, the former outweighs the latter by a huge margin.

Having talked about it all, I would also mention that I know it for sure that these are temporary and just another tough phase of life. And now on I guess I have flushed it out and I would feel better, and most importantly work out a rescue plan which should not fail. Also, what I learn from it would add tremendously to my profile and I would do a better job in the future for sure.