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Friday, 11 March 2011

CTRL + X and CTRL + V!

However absurd or wannabe the title may sound, there is a philosophy underlying it and something which I fail to do. This I guess is the very basis of decluttering and not following it makes me wrapped up in all sorts of nonsense. This realization comes from a recent observation of duplicate data in various drives of my computer. I have this bad habit of "CTRL C" and then "CTRL V" and I end up being disorganized even more - more data, repeated data, more chaos, more confusion. And another bad habit of mine is to explore even the stupidest thing on earth and try to know the how and why of it. This to-be-ignored stuff made me introspect and soon enough I found that it is not just inside my computer. Sigh! not again!

But yes, I realized how disorganized I am.. reminds me of the line "One of these days I gotta get myself organizized" from the classic Taxi Driver. And when I think more of it and do a quick root cause analysis on this abstract topic, I find it affecting a good deal of my life at all severity levels. A small noise that tends to disturb the normal flow of life finds no way to escape and is choked amongst the disorganized surrounding and another wavelet is too confused to select one of the hundred frequencies around to align in phase. I am spending most of my time thinking what to do but the end result is zero or not per my satisfaction.. When life tests you beyond your regular capabilities, you get all this on your face! The tough times are thereby helpful. I was doing this "copy - paste" always and never realized the need of "cut-paste" until I was running short of space on my hard disk. Sadly, as the modern adage says, there is no "CTRL Z" in reality.Also, I need to learn another command - DEL.

PoA: I need a PoA! :|

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