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Friday, 25 March 2011

I am a Rat!

Filth is where I find my peace, my serenity
For its the only truth I see miles around
When the sun shines bright, I see them working
Multiple melancholies, lonesome lies and fake faces
On the other side of these dark walls, they sleep
Perspiring in peace, anxiety or sorrow
And I trod over the leftovers, doing my bit
When everything around is a trashed daytime memory.
And when I am full and when I am tired
I revisit the day, when there was heat and light
A nostalgic warmth fights the unending cold.
I was never in love and I know not what it is
But I seldom feel it amongst the ecstasy
I adore a girl in the morning and she smiles back too
But by dusk she is the nastiest one I have ever seen
I pity the baby who is too young to understand it
And that he would always miss the infant ignorance
He is a social worker, cleaning the streets everyday
But his own abode needs hundreds of his fake self
Its important to protect our own territories, our brethren
But not alone and I second not the hatred within it
I am a rat and I am despicable, but not them
They can love and be in peace, but why don't they?


Harini Padmanabhan said...

Seriously, beautiful poem. I love your way with words. :)

Arjygh said...