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Friday, 13 April 2012

A sunken lullaby

I sailed through the horrendous waves
And the loneliness of the starlit sky
I survived the demons of the deep
And the war with my own self
I relished the waters, brewed them sweet
And often mixed whiskey and rum.
I volunteered for the missions of peace
And I unleashed wrath on all
I was feared, honoured for my service
And I laughed and played with my pals
I cursed the midnight clouds everyday
And I smoked the finest tobacco
Till that night of the lonesome day
Deserted with water as far as I can see
Burnt, besieged and beleaguered.
While the rum burnt my soul,
The smoke was lost in the flames.
I was sinking, I was cold and I was warm
And numb I lie today, as a sunken hero.