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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Political Instability of a Demeneted psyche!

Your memories have found a new place today. Till now they were crowding my brain, now and then bringing me sheer delight and eternal bliss. Today, they are en-route to a place more precious and protected than anything else, a place where they had a history and have a present too. Its just about time that  not just some but all of those memoirs take refuge in that secured place because they are like the gems I would never wish to lose. The belligerent mind has some miles to travel, perform its duties bringing  enough stability to embrace them well. Also, these memoirs give rise to beautiful emotions which have been regularly cultivated and domesticated in this new county. So, they don’t have to worry. They would find friends and there would be no foes. There is no sorrow but a gamble. What if they like their new home so much that even by force they cannot be vacated? They are no more the citizens of the mind that it can use its power. They are in refuge and they are not in my control. The only treaty that can be signed here is between me and you and they would be staying happily ever after, wherever they want. Till then, I would give them shelter and feed them and let them grow at their best. But before they are old enough to die, I want to hold your hand and bid adieu to the gamble. And before their condition deteriorates to malignance, I would wish to kiss you and let them out through my tears. They would stay with you thereafter, and surely nothing else can make them happier. And here it is, got the final secret code for their transfer. The heart awaits them with arms wide open.

P.S. I love you!


lakshmi dinesh said...

Nice way of taking care of memories...And I like the part about letting out through tears..Well written!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

If it was facebook i would have given a like comment. :)

Nithin said...

Superb Post! Preserving and relishing memories one of the hardest things to do..