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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Nostalgic Abbreviations

While recollecting some campus memories, I somehow got reminded of the abbreviations we used to be very fond of and still found myself using those as and where appropriate. They are commonly known as the ABCD of BITS (quite lame). I compiled quite a few of them here. Enjoy!

SAC – Simple and Comfortable (usage – SAC out, SAC da, SAC ra, SACed, SACcing)– This is one thing the campus teaches you for sure – “how to SAC out?”. You can sleep, booze, smoke, surf etc whenever you want. (Also, Student’s Activity Centre – If you are single you gotta be here to kill time)

GHOT– Generating Heat on the Table (Studying) (usage - GHOTing, GHOTboard, GHOTed) – During peak winters, we used our tables as room heaters. :P. The computer did a good job in keeping us warm.

BOGS – Bathroom of Graduating Students – Bathroom, loo, toilet, shit-pot etc had become too cliché. BOGS proved to be a pretty good discovery against this banality.  

GUSS – Give Up Something Stupid (GUSSing, GUSSed, GUSS mar) – As we were surrounded by a lot of stupidity, this abbreviation received a lot of attention and is almost ready to be a part of the Oxford English Dictionary.

ANC – All Night Canteen – Its no more all night (restricted till 3AM) but still the soul of the night-outs at campus.

SHIV-G – It’s the official couple’s retreat and the rest, everybody knows.

SKY – (referring to Skylab) – The open air fast food and smoking lounge of the campus. A site of casual chats between professors and students and also very popular among the various cliques around the campus.

C'NOT – (Like the connaught place, Delhi) – Actually not at all like it. Just a lane with few shops on both sides – They were either  restos or multi-purpose stores and used their monopoly to the maximum. Its called so coz u "c'not" (cannot) get anything there. I lived in a much better time, where we used to get somethings at least..sigh!

Insti – Institute .. simply referring to the classrooms, lecture theatres and the labs.

FD – Faculty Division – A random division of the insti into a few FD blocks clubbing a set of disciplines.

Tut – Tutorials :P – They were so damn regular and mostly on the first and second hours. Sometimes you had to wake up for an hour, come back and sleep again.

IC – Institute Canteen – Right at the heart of the Insti building – The favourite breakfast spot after a first or second hour tut for those who wanted to attend the next class. Some studious brains are spotted GHOTing here - those who were bored of the library.

CD - No we dont burn them. Its Cold Drink :|

SAMchat - Simple - Samosa Chat!

COMPRE - Comprehensive Exam - The final exams of every semester! Either its too hot or too cold - and that's your last respite from the fairly screwed up semester - A lot of things CAN change!


Dweepika Desai said...

Nice compilation..nostalgic indeed.
I actually dint know the abr. for GUSS until now..thnx for that!!:)

lakshmi dinesh said...

Oye..It is Shiv G I think. Nice post !

Harini Padmanabhan said...

:) Dint know Guss too. :D

Divya said...

Yes.. that would be Shiv G for Shiv Ganga. And C'not instead of cannaut.. called c'not cos once it was a place where you just can-not get anything :D Of course times have changed and we get 'everything' there now, don't we? ;) Appears you might be junior to me..and info hasn't passed on well over the generations.. perhaps our fault! sigh. Well never too late eh?

Arjygh said...

@Divya: M from the 2004 batch .. dint knw abt c'not .. may be because times have changed :P
Will edit "ShivG" That was definitely a mistake
Also I would add a few more