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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Living without fear

And the day was just not getting over. It was twilight and I was still enjoying the bliss that the setting sun had warmed me up with. An hour back, I was almost alone,looking straight at the ocean till the eternity; thoughts were floating on the waves and they were plenty. I had to take some with me and leave the rest deep inside the blue waters never to haunt me again.
I am never very bothered of the things I have bought in my life as I could any day replace them if they rot or just learn to live without them. My brain is not biased and my heart has no say. What worries me are the things which are inside me, which I cannot buy nor can I replace. My brain loses the ability to think and the heart gains control which possibly can make a wrong decision.
That never-ending day when I was staring at the sea I could feel the amalgamation of my mind and heart and I could feel the absolute sense in it. There was no question, anxiety, confusion and most importantly fear. Getting over our fear is important, ain't it? And somehow I could get over it.
The day was just not getting over and I was embracing the resurrection of a beautiful emotion without fear!

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lakshmi dinesh said...

I love the sea too :)