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Monday, 4 July 2011

A very close friend of mine told me about this concept and I found it too interesting to avoid - though some part of it is going to be tough to write, especially the secrets - mainly because I have very few and then for the obvious reason. :P
Anyway, I love introspection.

So here I go: 10 secrets 

1. I love strawberries- Be it strawberry milk shake, ice creams, candies or just raw. It was a childhood flavor which I rediscovered when I visited Mahabaleshwar. When it comes to flavors, I like chocolates the most nowadays but strawberry is a close second. :)

2. I am scared of life - Now life as a whole is too big and abstract to talk about but yeah its scary. I keep telling everyone how to handle it and advising about many things to make our lives better. I invent rules and try to follow them but somehow in certain spheres of life  I fail. What makes me happy is I see visible results when it comes to others. I think I take it too hard on myself and the failure induces the fear in me.  Its a growing learning curve.

3. I hate Mathematics - I have scored the most in this subject in my high school and the least during my engineering. Though I have intense belief in its potential, keep talking about it, see documentaries on it, read about it and also try to visualize it. I have had a steep fall in my interest in mathematics since my school days. I am fairly good at it but that doesn't change anything.

4. I can't remember the words of a song :| - I love songs not for their music or singer. The lyrics always appeal to me and yet I cannot remember it when I try to sing or recollect a song. I suck at it and feel embarrassed at times too. 

5. Emotionally, I am very sensitive - Only a few know this. To others I come across as somebody totally different and feel like Maximum Decimus Meridius :P. Though the effects are visible only within my own comfort zone and I am vulnerable to only those who have access to it. 

6. Being a bong, I don't like Fish or rice - Yes! I haven't found a single guy who has not been ":O" when he comes to know of it. You can probably imagine how difficult it is for me to survive in the Bongland. Apart from these, I guess I show all traits of being a bong - foodie, smoker with some taste in art, poetry etc. 

7. I still wish to win the Noble Prize - LOL! This childhood fantasy still remains and refuses to accept the reality. I belong to a town which has produced 2 noble laureates and that has played a good role in fueling this fantasy. I am a Mechanical Engineer and nowhere close to the path which can fetch me "Noble Prize". I have had many dreams about it too. LOL! Only if Kungfu Panda kind of stuff happened in real life. Sigh! :P

8. I don't know a shit about cooking - I haven't ever failed when I have cooked and I have done it well (I hope the feedbacks were honest). I just have it intrinsic in me and this is not it. I also experiment with new stuff and it comes out well. Probably I need to venture into it more to kiss failure. 

9. I love shopping - And thats why I want to earn a lot. I always clutter myself with more than I need - it brings chaos and confusion. Nevertheless, shopping brings me immense pleasure. I guess its related to my natural trait of finding happiness in anything new. This is something I like the most after food and alcohol. I don't mind if its a feminine trait or whatever. 

10. I am freaking scared of dogs - They are scary and they can smell fear it seems. WTF! I have funny examples of running away from dogs and asking company to drop me home when its dark. 

These are the quick ten I could think of. This wasn't at all that difficult. Now I am sure I have more of such secrets. I guess some of them would not sound like secrets but  don't want to work out more on this. I would surely update this blog as I explore more.


Anagha said...

Awesome post!!
Great concept... I would try that someday too!!!

Strawberries and Shopping?? Ahem!!!

Anu said...

Awesome blog...:)

Shopping needs no extra guesses...But u HATE math...:O ??
Thats astonising...i thot u loved calculus...
anyway...great blog...!!!

Arjygh said...

and that's why it is a secret :)