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Monday, 21 November 2011


You can buy and you can sell
You need no money but hypocrisy
Love is just a need
Like the blind man's stick
It breaks and then has to be replaced.
Emotions are more of an excuse
Never noticed when expressed
And affects only when it hurts.
We seek more hatred and sorrow
'Coz we appreciate it more
If you are happy, no one cares.
Condolences are always meant
'Coz people fear god and death
Birthday wishes are seldom so
'Coz you are still here for your last one.
Some days are important for you
But no one bothers as its yours
Everyone does when its theirs.
There is no choice, there is no escape
You are stuck in lies and seek truth
And so you go out and do good
And you do it to create a smile in the air
And more than god you fear loneliness
You seek relationships but as a need
And then you are back to square one
What you get is what you do, its true.

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