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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Not WIthout You

The dusk is glooming over the blue horizon

Waiting for the unforeseen dark, silent and serene

Under the orange moon, over the quiet meadows

You and me, sailing over the grey clouds

No destination but journey is what we know.

Tonight we beckon the dawn but not always

For years have arrived to depart in days.

A long way along the golden woods we take

For the bliss of life as death is never so far.

The heaven above is unlike the earth’s entropy

But the love pot will be spilled one day.

I don’t pray, I just wish and I just hope

To row my boat over the winds to the stars

Touch the sky and wait there for you in solitude

Till the eternity when your soul would kiss me;

For your loss is unbearable to my faith

The emotions would grant me an unwished death

Death of the heart with limbs free to move

The fear I never would challenge alone.


Harini Padmanabhan said...

Beautiful! How can you string words together so well?!

Arjygh said...

Even i don't know that! thanks by the way :D