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Saturday, 11 April 2009


I’m unwaged no more this December,

Will gulp the beer with my daily burger.

I’ve got a job, one dollar a day,

Will increase to three by the end of May.

Next Sunday when I get the coins in hand

I’ll go to the store near my remand;

Buy a bunch of roses, yellow and red;

Write with a blue ink my love unsaid.

You were a good friend, you are rich,

You are my love, that’s the only hitch,

You bear the royal blood my princess

And mine from a warm heart is no less.

I’ve a wage and I’ve the courage

To let my love out of the steel cage;

I know you adore me too, I know

Your silence is for my mercy I know.

I’m alive to earn, to buy us the dream;

When I’m done, I’ll melt the iron beam.

I’m learned, I’m in the jailhouse library;

Daytime they treat me good and are merry.

By the moonlight I serenade my songs

And I play music with a set of tongs.

I know the notes reach you in your sleep

And in your dreams you silently weep.

I’ve committed no sin but to love you;

The roses are forming a daily queue;

Someday they’ll touch your soul;

The thorns I’d use to dig like a mole.

And I’d be free; I’d be hated by all,

But I’d love you till our lives fall.

1 comment:

Harini Padmanabhan said...

a romantic one thats different from the usual. Good!