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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bridge over Troubled Waters

When you know that you are walking close to nowhere and you take that long deep breath, someone just walks by and interrupts you. How do you feel? I was trying to swim across the troubled waters, constantly attempting to reach the other side but I am defeated again and again and pushed back to where I started from. I decided to take the bridge instead, the easier way but only after I was confident of my failure on the alternative. An exhilarating feeling it is and it goes almost silent. How I wish to keep these preserved! But its like that upsurge of emotional wave difficult to contain within yourself; almost impossible. I have to constantly remind myself of "NO NO NO and NO". The variable of time has become a constant and would soon become a negligible quantity in the equation. The variable called distance is highly simplified to be sinusoidal, largely random increasing the entropy of the system. The free energy is constantly increasing and looks like this is an infeasible reaction. Its just an illusion when the distance approximates to near zero and this case doesn't happen often, so again, can be neglected. A crock of crap! What the heck am I talking about! Exactly! and that's why I never take the bridge!

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