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Monday, 27 September 2010

Life is not crap!

"Live everyday like the last day of your life", a cliche statement. Lets take a scientific approach.
Our day to day life is governed by the more superior brain and comparatively under-developed heart. Most of the actions inside and outside our body is controlled by the former. In layman's language, we mostly have no control over it. It is a seasoned machine which learned by itself, commonly known as Artificial Intelligence. And yes, its rocket-science, which human beings would always struggle to replicate. Its complicated nature is reflected by the fact that it cannot be transplanted compared to other organs of the body. On the other hand, we have our heart and in non-technical terms is said to control our emotions, which is totally false. This is because its your brain which controls your emotions as well. But this small part of the brain is under our control to a very large extent. There is a difference between well-trained and well-educated, and we have to train our brain, we cannot possibly educate it after 15 years of its learning. This hearty brain is very sensitive and is affected by all five senses we know of. To keep it in control, the best way is to keep it dumb and foolish. It doesn't affect you in the long term but gives you enough strength to ignore the noise that affects our normal smooth journey ahead. Its not that easy, so a more practical solution is to prioritize your emotions. Life is good and it would always be! Trust your brain and ignore your daily ups and downs.
Thanks for reading this profound crap.

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