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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Who is you?

Being you, you ain't yourself
Your mind, your master is not yours
Its corrupt and sold yesterday for pennies
Its of the society and the mysterious economy
Its of the angelic devil and of the unwilling will
And its alone, its adamant and its arrogant.

But its not you, neither is it yours
You are a slave to someone else
You are the love and hatred of others
You are scavenging the leftover drugs
And you are desperate for illusion
But its not you, as you command it not.

You listen to the shortcuts to smiles
Is the sound of sorrow so deafening?
You follow them without they following you
Does novelty come without effort?
You have no character but words big
Is your spirit already dead?

Open your heart, not just your eyes
Learn accepting as much as denial 
Experience pride with honesty
Be loved and let that be yours
Being you, you ain't yourself
Or may be you are, but a mystifying puzzle.

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