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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Love, Hatred and Seclusion

If too much of anything is bad, I seek hatred for the good!
If I call it a principle of life ... it is quite acceptable that if we have too much of something, in the near or distant future it turns out to be something else which most of the times is entirely opposite of what we seek. Human nature is to seek happiness but do we get always what we seek? The answer is no. And in worst cases where we seek and get too much of happiness, sorrow accompanies as well. Too much of anything is bad. Like too much of food, alcohol, sleep etc etc. Isn't it true for every small thing? It becomes an addiction; but, of a different kind. You are too much addicted to leave it and it just remains in the heart and the hormones, never touching your nervous system.
Similar is the case with too much of love. Though this thought is unnatural, but it cannot be neglected. We do not realize it as everything goes good and we are addicted to it. But if the hypothesis is correct, it ought to be true in this case as well. When there is too much of positive energy, too much of smiles around, too much of joy you get a good sleep tonight but yes there can soon be a knock on the door and there awaits sorrow.
Now its not easy to evade all your positive energy and all the good that is happening to you because of the above stated stupid thought. But there is a time which you like to spend with yourself. That makes sense. Right? The reason why we try to do so is to go away at a mediocre level where there is neither love nor hatred. Or sometimes it is like a phase between these two.
This is the time of seclusion. We talk to ourselves, ask us questions, know the part of you which you have lost in smiles or in tears, the part of you which you lost in others smiles or tears.
Seclusion meets you in dream and in dreams there is no sorrow or even if its is there, it gives you the confidence that its not true.

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