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Thursday, 10 September 2009

A Midnight Stroll

I was just out on a regular stroll outside my apartment
Near the pan shop two working guys (as evident from the Identity card around their neck) were smoking, their lips were moving and there was a look of frustration. Its a thursday night, must have been a tiring week already! As i neared the shop to fetch my pan, I could hear the moving lips. "Dude.. its too much man .. that lady never understands...she has called us at this hour!!...what time is he coming man .. give him a call"..." Its all the same ... me, you or your best friend...everyone is at the same stage .. just playing games with each other.." "... yeah but .. leave it .. " " .. or rather .. take it and go ..take it and go (Russell Peters style) " "...haha" .. a pretty monotonic discussion with some sense attached to it .. and then a light end... and then within my head "..fantastic (Russell again)".
A drunk guy is my next encounter. Sometimes i just dont understand what do they drink or how much do they drink that they are like a walking stone .. sometimes sleeping by the roadside ... sometimes just hit by a speeding truck.. not even knowing that life is departing them...back to the guy ... he falls down on the road .. almost in front of a cab ... the driver frowns, comes out picks him up, people start extending their hands for help, one tight slap right under his ears, one and a half spin and then all the helping hands were gone. All this happened within a minute! The drunk guy lay drunk, the sleep will induce a drug into him that he wont remember a second of this. Pretty disturbing isn't it. An annoyed driver .. uses all his energy to pick him up just to bestow his peevishness upon him. But the other character in the play jus smiles and says "I don't feel anything..... Did u just hit me?" No one loses no on gains. Its an illusion and upon us to accept and be happy in our own ways.
I left the chaos and moved along the woods by the roadside. I could see the fireflies sparkling and hear the chittering sound of the dark. The music was asking me to stop and behold the beauty of the moonlit sky. Its rejoice above, its bright above, nothing is hidden above. But, this dark aint at all sorrowful. Its dark here, everything is hidden here. Sometimes when we seek happiness far in place, far in time or far in emotions, we walk on our present, crushing it. Most of the times, the grief or the regret cannot be replaced completely even by two folds of the happiness we get.
I saw an old couple sauntering in the same picture, probably talking their past to each other. But they don't care. As they approcahed me, I greeted them with a smile and I got back the sweetest thing I wud expect from them "God bless you ..." The old man then started saying "I was like you ... I used to greet her mother the same way u did...But you are better ... you know why? ..'coz I used to do it with an intention, you are probably vacant in that thought of yours"... I returned a smile back, "Yes, Sir... Goodnight" They passed by, I turned back and I saw them holding their hands and walking in absolute unison and peace and nothing to bother them.
By far it was probably the best times in the dark I had. I decided to wrap it up and go back. From a distance I saw a man and a woman on the roadside pavement in some activity with a guy who is behaving wierd. I moved fast to take a closer look. As I correctly guessed, they were the same couple I met minutes back. They were sprinkling water from their tiny pet-bottle on a man's face who appears unconcious...Was he the same guy? Yes he was. But why would that old couple who were in their own business bother about him. A crowd was gathering. I could see some blood around his nose. I could even see some trapped tears on grannie's wrinkled cheeks. I was afraid to go ahead and find the truth. When people started speaking, I could hear one or two voices "call ambulance" "their old servant" "his daughter's marriage next week" "poor guy"... As he was getting cold, people saw a cab parked by the restaurant. Was it the same cab? Yes it was. "where is the driver" as they patted on the windows and rear glass... The Driver comes out "whats the matter" .. The matter is explained. The driver was reluctant .. " I have to go to office, drop them" (pointing towards the pan shop). They were still there smoking away their frustration. Seeing fingers pointed at them, the come close to take a look at the incident... "Did u hit him?" " I did not, he fell in front of the car"... "Then why are you scared? take him to the clinic" "we will take an auto-rickshaw" ... "but Sir" ... they left .. turning their backs ...the crowd cleared...It was midnight. I walked back home .. As if all of it was jus a dream and nothin had happened.


ipshi said...

It's's beautiful!!!

Nithin said...

I was expecting a dramatic finish like connecting all the characters in the story.. But fortunately u finished it in a more practical way!! A Good write up!

Arjygh said...

actually even I did not expect this end ... I just wrote and at the end I thought let me make it more realistic :)