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Tuesday, 15 September 2009


My words, my feelings

I share with my best friend

Who can’t speak or move or react

But still my best friend

To whom I speak when I am lonely

Speak out my words never told

Who says something that I never hear

But still my best friend

With whom I share my sorrows

That I don’t with anybody else

Who wants to do the same but I don’t

But still, my best friend

Who also says something, I don’t hear

But hours I spend with others

Who perhaps complains but I don’t care

But still, my best friend

With whom I play all tricks known

That I seldom do with somebody

Who blends as I wish, but I won’t stop

But still, my best friend.

With whom I have my emotions attached

Who can’t speak, move or react

It’s that alluring bottle of wine

My best friend forever.

this is a very old composition of mine .... Might not be the best but i love it!

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