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Monday, 21 December 2009

The Copenhagen Accord

The latest news from the Danish capital is about a deal brokered between US, India, China, South Africa and Brazil and the newspapers are full of positive and negative criticisms of the US president’s eleventh hour stint.

The newsmakers have done their job, released promising statements, registered themselves in the good books and made good relations with their counterparts which would help them in all other deals if not this one. But it is an unfortunate truth that the summit has failed and the decisions taken are not even in the right ballpark. It appears as a last minute futile attempt to preserve the integrity of this conclave. A climate deal is must as the leaders are saying, still they are quarelling with their own responsibilities giving it a look of unnecessary. It is quite ridiculous how the developed nations are praising the under-developed for their subtle promises to reduce emissions by saying that they are indeed doing a lot, being poor. Another attempt, which can be seen as the only positive outcome of the event is the funding that the “US-European” have offered to the developing nations to fight climate change.

One more point to ponder here is 5 countries have reached a deal out of the total 192 attending it. How are they supposed to change the future of emissions of this whole world? Or is it because the others (leaving apart the developed countries) do not matter as much because they are not spotted in the world emissions graph. It would have been a good assumption but the number of countries falling under this category is big and taken together, they also do play a humongous role. More confidence and trust needs to be established worldwide to make this planet green and not a greenhouse. The next climate change meeting is scheduled in december 2010. As the Kyoto Protocol nears an end helping much lesser as it should have, the need of its successor is being desperately awaited. The king was not good and nothing much can be said about the prince who is going to take the reign.

The summit as a whole provided a lot of information to many ignorant minds. It has encouraged a lot of debate and discussion on how the world is going to be in the near future. The COP15 website deserves applauses for leading this motion. After all, it was just an information exchange event, aint it? The technology providers, investors are still in dilemma and the market remains unstable for the development of alternate sources of energy. Many of these promising technologies would remain inside the walls of research laboratories not able to grow up and answer the challenge.

“The city of Copenhagen is a crime scene tonight, with the guilty men and women fleeing to the airport…” …aptly said!

1 comment:

chaitra said...

Facts gathered well in a nutshell...
I agree, it didn't live up to the hopes it had raised....

But wasn't it all about making some begining atleast a BASIC :) start has been made....