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Friday, 4 December 2009

Vote of Thanks!

I welcomed a change with arms wide open and lost myself to regain my lost self. The dreams which I lost in the dark woods of doldrums suddenly are moonlighted today. Every day passes by, faster than the previous one and life is not lagging behind, trying to walk hand in hand with time. Every new soul I meet, I greet it with utmost fervor. Yet sometimes when I see myself in the mirror, I think if I am a human or I am just prejudiced to think myself as one. This line probably defines the intermittent state I am in. The latter part, as I see was my past and my present is closer to the former option. I do feel like a human. A normal human who does everything for happiness, for some moments in a day which he can cherish when he sleeps, for some smiles that remain in his heart forever, for some anguish which asks him to share his thought, for some peace which he seeks when he is alone, for some love that he can actually feel inside him, for some hatred which he doesn't always keep to himself, for some tears which he allows to flow to feel better. There is no God I believe in. I respect myself and I am scared of my soul and do not need "God" for that. My mind shows myself thousand ways and my heart filters out one. I feel more and more confident though I do  not do anything great everyday. When I wish for something this hour, I don't think too much and get it the same hour. When it comes to emotions, I do value them as I used to do before and give them the time as my heart and mind get high with those and take time to get back to normal. I am not living on the edge neither am I deep inside a protected zone. I am no more scared of death and I enjoy risks. I love the enthusiasm and excitement in me and see the same in the eyes of my pals when I speak to them. I like smiling faces more than I used to and same applies for helping people. I feel more responsible, matured and grown up suddenly. The values and virtues that I have tried to define all my life, I follow them religiously now.
Its great to be with good friends. Thanks to the one who gave me this oppurtunity. Thanks to all who showed me this path knowingly or unknowingly and Thanks to you! Unknowingly, you have done a lot for me.

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