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Saturday, 26 December 2009


Like me, a part of life it was for you
Till you boarded the last train to the west
The twilight gifted a heart unhealed
The moon rued and the starts silenced.
I solicited some answers from them
And the night had never been so long.
The game was unfair and I lost it.
Rules were broken, the result influenced
I was holding a candle in the cold shade
The thunders did calm my wails
But no rain did I see to wipe my tears
Neither did I see you, ever again.

I reaped my crops everyday, fed the cattle
The scarecrows targeted my lost self
My hopes, my emotions were worried
Unprepared to leave me alone, like love.
My friends, my kinfolk never deserted me
And I found no reason to do the same.
Later one day I packed my bags, and
Departed to the east, back to myself
I traveled through the green fields
I swam across the widest rivers
I crossed the deserts and the mounts
And I felt no pain, no more dejected
Days were crawling, blessed by almighty
A dreamer no more was I, just a human.
We move on, year by year close to death
I just know the time given to me today
I earn my living from dawn to dusk
For me to celebrate with the stars later.

While I never stopped, you walked with me
You gave me your hand, lifting up my spirits
I did not need you still I felt your need.
My comrade, my ally, together we fought
I learnt your skills and you followed mine
And we both were conquering everyday
Preserving and protecting our dreams.
Like two souls in a single body
Like two storks quarreling for dinner
Like two leaves of the same twig.
And in the east did the sun rise again.
And I could see you, for me always.


Nithin said...

Nice one dude! One of the most difficult things is to put emotions in words.. U seem to do it eyes shut.

Arjygh said...

thank u!
It was an imagery with an in-depth meaning ... lets see hw many understand :)