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Tuesday, 10 November 2009


This poem has a lot of feelings attached ... I had written it 4 years back and is one of my compositions which I like the most.

One beauty of the autumn that the spring beholds
Over the mounts that the valleys stare
The autumn of affection, the valleys of love
Also over the dunes of the desert
And beneath the depth of the oceans
Wherever these eyes could travel
They see the similar unseen beauty.
And the dreams ain’t peaceful anymore
The senses respire but the heart would pant
When the bright beauty of the dark calls
Lost in the notes of the night, the nightingale sings
When the chilled dark is warmed by the woods
The moon melts the snow to golden splendor
In such precious seconds, a seraph is seen
Beautified among the cherubs and princess of stars
But she is the lady, the lady of poor dreams
Dreams that never saw love with closed eyes.
When the velvet clouds beyond the horizon cry
The low falling drops touch the reveries deep;
And though flooded in the waters of sorrow
They see nobody but some gestures, smiling
And when she was unheard still, the silence broke
The silence that the night induced, the dawn followed
And over the blue stretches of the rosy morning
A rose was never seen, but a dove was found
Spotted with kisses of love and bloods of hatred
But the dreams of the daylight never are true
And of the twilight are seldom false.
For the dark only shows the dreams poor
Blessed by the lonely moon and the flock of stars.

1 comment:

lakshmi dinesh said...

Emotions have nicely entwined with nature...:)