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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Silently Screaming

I wrote this poem for a competition on and the title was provided beforehand.

I was walking along the lanes of my parish
A sunny day, a warm wind over the fields
The green paddy was ready to ripe
And a solitary soul ready to reap
As I approached her, to see her work
With a smile I did greet but
I got none in return of it.
Wondering how such an angel
Could ever defy a silent smile,
The aura screamed in my ears
And a sweet silence prevailed.
She was untouched, but I was moved
So much of grief was buried inside
Not even a scream could take it away.
In the silence was lost the rush of blood
In the silence was lost a lonely heart
In the silence was lost a voice unknown
There was a scream that I could hear
And in the silence I was absorbed.

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