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Sunday, 29 November 2009


Walking with the limbs of lamb,
tired tumbling but no more inert,
through the woods and over the waters
he touched the soil unknown
couldn’t defy destiny’s decree.

Unexperienced, unexpected, unfamiliar, untried
was his body and soul ,his thoughts and emotions.
The waves in nature resonating through him,
like the narrow meandering waters,
like the valley between the knolls,
like the curves of fronds and flowers.

Not sure of the jobs still left,
not aware of the reason to do them,
an epitome of innocence and ignorance.

Had run many races,
it ain’t his attempt to walk.
And with the dawn of the new day,
perceiving the jobs undone,
begun his hunt for the reason
through the woods and over the waters.

Thousand drops blood and miles long walk,
pounds of work and days ending fatigued.
Asked the western moon and the eastern sun
Asked the sky above and the soil below.

Aching neck bent down, paining eyes drowsed.
Stunned by the bright silver flash of north,
he stood as an antique idol ,
to bless the world with light.

Moving his limbs through the waters,
he left his pain alone, drowned.
The dark became the light of life,
wounds healed in the golden rain of moon.
The tears on his face burning in hopeless hope,
hope, down a path long and deep and dark.

The northern winds, the northern waters,
were tough for him to search his hope.
The grey secret shadows of twilight
watching him with their secret eyes
as he could hear silent whispers
that were coming and fading away.

He smelled the fragrance far away
but saw nothing in the fog
felt the air, cold and humid.
as dark it was in heaven’s land.

he wished to see the northern light
but not always, as he closed his eyes
his dry throat asked for water and
as he touched the water, he touched the pain.

No moment to cherish, hours running in seconds,
distance counted in miles but the pace degrading.
at the deepest and the darkest, a dream did lie,
as the air of hope touched him, calling him.

And the goal so far, seemed to be near
through the aura,he saw the aurora
avenging on dark, the light of life;
afraid to take a step ahead,even a step back.

Braving the rays, ready to march ahead,
But then he stopped; heard something,
A voice through his soul, reverberating,
from the east it came,towards the west it went.

No wide waters, no broken bridges
no light to defend,easy efforts to make.
Was the darkness fake or illusion of his thoughts?
the spirit of light or the voice so divine.

Couldn’t cognite the coherent coexistence,
he followed the divine words,for his search,
and the air around with altering arrays,
escorting him on his long, lonely pilgrimage.

Satanic soul shattered by sacred sounds
succeeded by a new-born, innocent and true
sudden changes, never minor; he wondered,
“Who had been walking on the path of light?”

April-hearted, as he moved along the green
relishing the taste of fresh fragrances,
trying to know, if the birds meant him,
feeling the touch of eternity in every touch of him.

And after a long night, in the twilight, he saw
an angel with an aureole behind, as in dreams
but was a maiden singing the divine song,
spelling on him the feeling of love,
love, the eternal truth of life.

Was he an evil soul or a soul too divine?
Not even moved by the spell so divine.
The astonished angel scanned him through
Found his eyes illusioned, by a power enigmatic.

“What did you see on the way towards me?”
Shaking was her voice, cold was her soul.
“Nothing but the rays of north,the….”
And soon he was amidst the waters, stretched apart.

The black waters killed his thirst
The insane winds held his mind hostage
The mysterious moonlight kidnapped his soul
As the dark started commanding, he could see nothing.

And as the angel was pacing with the sail,
He saw death waiting for him at the shore.
Then soon he asked her to stop and return.

“You are wrong, its the light, the northern light.
The light that rules darkness, rules me,
you are blessed to have seen it, i am not.
Let me take you there, where it awaits with life
And let it forgive the curse laid on me.”

Like a pirate on an unknown voyage,
He sniffed the wealth at the northern shore
As he saw only raw stones, priceless to value
Again he said to stop and return, back to the dark.

When the noise behind struck his ears
He looked back and saw his people coming.
“There, see, my people,they are coming for me.”
How could she stop? The mighty fleet of death was behind them.

Slowly as her image faded
The light reminded him what he forgot.
The air was changing and so was he
No longer he saw priceless stones but shining gems.

Again he heard in a low, sweet tone…..
“You are the truth and so are your brothers.
You saw me but they didn’t bother
Like you, they were caught in fake eternity
Caught in the clouds of dark, lost their sanity
The cursed soul, now is a part of me
And that you never thank her, is the curse on thee.
Let your heart speak the language of love
Understood by me, my friends on earth and the flying dove.”

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