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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Romancing the rains

I don’t know why I am so much attached to rains. Probably because I never got a rainy day off in school, probably I love playing football then, probably my soul needs to clean up regularly and probably it loves romancing the rains, probably I was never scared to slip off the road, probably I never made a fuss about the mud, probably I had clothes enough to wear the next day to office, probably my favourite word is petrichor.

I was in office till 8 PM. I knew it was raining outside since the noon and just wished that it remains when I get out of the building and walk towards my home. I was not alone. All I had was a John Players, a Provogue, a Lee, a Nokia, an Apple, a Bose, a Reebok, an Adidas, a VIP, and another VIP. I just wished I could throw all of them away and free my naked body to the rains, touch my soul, pierce through my heart and blow my mind away. Unfortunately, I was not the only one walking on the road. There were street lights too staring at me, shining bright on the black tar. All the sounds were so clear, the droplets bouncing on the lane and cracking, the stream of water flowing, tensed and anxious human talks, a folk song in a shop etc. Like an idiot I was searching for the moon and all I got was the rain hitting straight on my face. I felt like something very close just touched me and vanished in thin air. Melancholic musings were troubling my soul; I could feel the cold dampness inside me. I grabbed a fag and smoked all those thoughts away. I did not want to sit somewhere inside a shade, so bought an egg roll for dinner and headed for home. My mind was blank. I was just walking and felt like going on and on till I collapse. But my promises and my dreams were pulling me back. I looked back once and felt like I have grown up a lot but it doesn’t mean that I don’t take the next step.
All this while I was alone, serenading to myself and was just strolling on the wet and dry lands like we all walk in life. All I missed was a special friend, chai and bhajiya by the roadside. I miss my mom telling me not to get wet in the rain. Sorry mom! Can’t do that.
I am home now and rest of the night I would smoke with the clouds.


lakshmi dinesh said...

You put my thoughts into words :)Rains have always been is raining here as well...

ANAGHA said...

Petrichor.. Thats my fav. word too...:)
Rains are more than just drops of water falling down, its much more and you have put it in words very nicely...