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Friday, 11 February 2011

Bawra man dekhne chala ek sapna

A strange feeling is camping inside me nowadays. I tried the best I could do for the last 6 months - I dreamed of something, the dopamine inside me wanted to achieve it and I supported myself the best way I could. Yet, at instances where I thought I am safe and in all those secured zones where I thought I would achieve timidly, I failed. I find it funny at times. Life keeps serving me with ironic situations like these. But then, after you have consoled yourself, some evil corners in your mind (evil cause they hate your peace treaty with life) would keep asking you if you had done enough or if there was something you could do (does it make any sense now?), they would question your capability and make you feel miserable. And they do not come alone, like the red ants of Amazon they would attack you in a group with a consolidated intention to gobble every nerve of human mind. They bring us this disease but we are smart! How many times? One day I am gonna be immune and feel nothing or may be I will go mad after repeated thrashings, and finally stop feeling for it. 

I saw a dream, I worked for it, I did not succeed this way but then I can dream of something else and again work for it. Yes! it sounds crazy and indefinite but its way better than entertaining evil in your head. And so I would take a step forward and I am not alone. Many dream, even more fail and very few conquer their ambitions (I am talking about ambitious people here, don't give a damn to others!) - if we are still regretting after we fail, it means there is still a long road ahead to gain wisdom and maturity and lots to learn before we sleep!

As aptly said, Bawra man dekhne chala ek sapna ... bawre se man ki dekho bawri hai baatein ... 

And if required don't think much before unleashing your madness .. but do dream! Do not surrender! Keep trying! Do not regret if you fail!

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