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Thursday, 10 February 2011

"Showing off"

We are pretty familiar with this phrase! We clearly understand who is showing off and who is not and with time it becomes more and more lucid!
Showing off is a pain! Ever tried it? Its a huge responsibility, a huge burden and its damn tough. The ones who do it, they deviate from their natural self which makes it difficult for themselves. Its very difficult to create something original and to create a new personality, even more! Gosh!
Having said that, I think people who 'show off', do so out of need. Only need can drive someone to handle such a responsibility. The need is the only incentive or at least has a lion's share! This need might be due to insecurity, lingering on a lie or living up to the fake profile of yours - in fact there can be zillions of reasons!
I feel sympathetic towards them apart from the usual hatred and laugh over gossips. (Hypocrites are very good gossip material - Girls love it ..;)..)

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