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Saturday, 5 February 2011


Ever wondered when everyday you make your decisions, how far you thought on it or how far do you trust it or rather trust yourself on it? We are engulfed in a mental bias of ourselves, we are fake not to each other but to our own self. Separate your soul and your mind from everything around you that controls you, mostly those which are intangible. What your eyes cannot see, your ears cannot hear, your tongue cannot taste, your nose cannot smell or your body cannot feel is what your mind cannot decipher, and that is the highly ignored mysterious part of life. We can just attempt to understand it and mostly we fail and naturally we give up. It is tough, so never mind. At least we tried. 
But ever if you get a chance or if not, give that chance to yourself, a chance to be original in your thoughts and far away from the ups and downs of this awesome world, a chance to find peace within yourself, a chance to think over the right and wrong and evaluate your decisions and learn for the future. So, think my friend, think!

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