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Monday, 7 February 2011

Melancholic Ecstasy!

(Title Courtesy: Indian Ocean)

Hey you, the wind of my lands, Do you know me?
Never mind; But you must know my kins
Cause them no harm, a last wish I seek
And if I had one more, I'd visit them to see
Chocolates and chicken burgers I've had many
But never they had the taste of love & amity
In this world adulterated with lies and hatred
I hope to find some truth & companions
I know one, I know two and I know many
But they don't know me & they don't love me.
Far away there is a lady who knows me the most
She is my mentor, my comrade, my mother
I need a nap with her hands caressing my hair
I dream of it everyday, and then wish every dawn,
That one last time, I would go sky-diving
And I would fall free, right into her arms
I would be dead, but I would score
For I'd have peace and you'd want more!

To Ma, my family & my friends...

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