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Friday, 4 February 2011

"I tried"

Life sometimes is frustrating, taking a lot from you and not even promising short term returns. It appears like u are stuck in one of the cracks in the canyons of Utah and that most of the things were destined to cause you the harm (Reference: 127 hours).

I am a regular guy in a flatland with ready access to food, water and people and if I feel the same, I would be too mean to myself. I don't want to be as senseless as a rock neither would I like to be a mad river. But at the end of the day, I don't want to tell myself and rather regret that "I should have given it a shot!". Yes, I have tried in the past, I have failed and with nothing would I compromise until I have no option. This applies for failure too. What I care for everything in life is growth. If stuff around me is growing, it keeps me going. And in all these failures, I have an immense growth of my mental perseverance, something which has to be learned the harder way. Yes may be in the end, I would get nothing, may be I was not destined to, but I won't sacrifice my principles for my success because i would be sacrificing myself; they define me, they have built me since my birth and they shall always stay, though they may change with experiences. And when its over, I want to smile and say "I tried!". Life is great, I am loving it, every moment of it. Retrospection is awesome...

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