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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The satire of time

I am subdued, I am shut and I am stuck
Like the abandoned machine of a shop floor
I feel like a child and I  miss my mother
I want to go back and feel happy with her.
The long lost kindergarten memories
I want to revisit them again
I want to learn as I wanted to now
I want a cocktail of today and yesterday
And preserve it for the rest of my life
I want never to regret, neither would I plan sorrow
I would plan endless smiles, I would plan perfection.
There would be no undo or redo, no experiments
A utopia I see, I just see myself living ahead of my time
But that time is long gone in the past
And Alas! I am a kid yet again but a kid too old.


Chaitra said...

Many moods/strokes expressed in very few lines.... it's difficult gauging what's the underlying current running thru these lines... I sensed happiness and positivity ...

Arjygh said...

And I would say ... you are correct :)